Jeff Sessions on Marijuana: Taking Billions From Americans

Attorney general Jeff Sessions’ anti-marijuana policy is aimed to cripple a multi-billion dollar industry, and will put millions of Americans out of work. The recently renewed war on marijuana is aimed at taking no prisoners.

What the Supreme Court’s Decision Does to Texas Marijuana Laws

Texas marijuana lawyers like James Gill will tell you that the Supreme Court has been very active recently, and not just because it has that vacant seat that is so heavily discussed in the news right now. They made a significant decision on March 21 regarding marijuana law in Colorado that may have long-term implications.Continue reading “What the Supreme Court’s Decision Does to Texas Marijuana Laws”

Drug Dog False Alert Video Now Available

Austin criminal lawyer James Gill has released this video of a false alert that occurred during a client’s traffic stop in Williamson County. (Note: this arrest video was filmed by the patrolman’s dashboard camera and has no sound.)