How to Beat a Simple Assault Charge in Texas

We have been told all our lives that emotions don’t have a place in a civilized society. So, we go on pushing all ours down until there’s no trace of them left. But it doesn’t really work that way, does it? They don’t stay buried, in fact, they come out stronger and scarier the moreContinue reading “How to Beat a Simple Assault Charge in Texas”

Can US Customs Search Your Phone? CBP Detaining and Testing Privacy at the Austin Bergstrom Airport

Austin airport security has been becoming more and more intrusive, but summer just got a lot hotter at our local airport. Austin native Seth Harp was was pulled from the line by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), questioned, and detained for hours. Officers read every page of his personal journal, took his phone and laptop, and searched his luggage, all without a warrant.

Austin Lawyer Adam Reposa Sentenced to Six Months

One of great things about our country is that every person is guaranteed a right to a fair and just trial. Is this the direction that our current court system is going in? Is putting lawyers in jail for contempt of court the correct way to go about this?

No Refusal Weekend Austin, Texas Initiative

Austin’s No Refusal Weekends: What Does It Really Mean? The Austin Police Department is continuing their “No Refusal DWI” policy which began earlier this year. The enforcement of this policy runs from 10 PM through 5AM every Friday and Saturday night and continues into Sunday morning. The next “no refusal” weekend will occur this weekendContinue reading “No Refusal Weekend Austin, Texas Initiative”

Airport Arrest? Criminal Lawyer Weighs in On Airport Gun Laws

Airport Security Scans Catch Careless Travelers Fox 7 recently interviewed our criminal law expert, James Gill, about the hazard of carelessly trying to fly with a weapon in your carryon luggage. As you can see in the Fox 7 story, it’s not just guns but also brass knuckles, knives, and batons that can and willContinue reading “Airport Arrest? Criminal Lawyer Weighs in On Airport Gun Laws”

Gill Client Barry Cooper Is “The Strangest, Most Brazen Activist”

The Progressive has published an article that recounts the tale of iconoclast and former narcotics officer Barry Cooper, calling him “the strangest, most brazen activist America has seen in decades.”

Anti-Drugwar Activist Barry Cooper Turns Himself In

Austin criminal lawyer James Gill is presenting this video of KopBusters’ Barry Cooper surrendering himself to the Texas Rangers at the Texas State Capitol on July 2, 2010. Cooper is a client of Gill’s criminal defense law firm and a legendary figure in the anti-drugwar movement. His exposure to the drug war began with theContinue reading “Anti-Drugwar Activist Barry Cooper Turns Himself In”

Drug Dog False Alert Video Now Available

Austin criminal lawyer James Gill has released this video of a false alert that occurred during a client’s traffic stop in Williamson County. (Note: this arrest video was filmed by the patrolman’s dashboard camera and has no sound.)