Austin Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’ve been arrested in Travis County or Central Texas, you may find yourself wondering: What are my first steps? Dealing with the criminal justice system can be a daunting process, as there’s an overwhelming amount of information and the very strong possibility that whatever you’re dealing with could affect the rest of your life. Knowing what to do and how to do it is of the utmost importance. 

Austin criminal lawyer James Gill has over 15 years of experience defending citizens accused of crimes in Texas. Having an experienced criminal lawyer is the best decision you can make for preserving not only your civil liberties and your criminal record, but most importantly your future opportunities. An Austin criminal defense attorney can help you understand everything (from possible defenses to a resolution strategy for your case), and explain your options for keeping your record clean.

We Defend Against Criminal Charges

For those 15+ years, we’ve defended citizens in Texas accused of crimes, and as an experienced lawyer James Gill provides legal assistance for criminal cases including: 

Winning Your Case Matters to You – So It Matters to Us

Why do people call Austin criminal lawyer James Gill? Because you need an attorney that cares not only about your case, but you. Winning matters at the law office of James Gill, and our goal at the onset of every case is to have the case dismissed. We know that you work hard at your job and you expect results from us, and we are here to deliver results for you.

Why You Need Criminal Lawyer James Gill On Your Side

As an experienced criminal attorney in Austin, Texas, James Gill is sought after by defendants all over Texas, and has a proven track record of “not guilty” verdicts throughout. Not only is he fierce in the Travis County courtroom, his negotiation skills have been honed by studying and applying hostage negotiation techniques employed by the FBI counterterrorism unit. Just imagine what someone with this advanced set of negotiation skills can do when defending a criminal matter.

Don’t Leave Your Case Up to Chance – Hire Austin Criminal Attorney James Gill

Criminal charges in the state of Texas have serious consequences, which is why you should hire the best possible attorney to defend you… and when you want the best, you want Austin criminal defense attorney James Gill. Contact us online today.