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Welcome to our Texas Lawyer Glossary.

Here we present in-depth articles that explain some common legal terms and jargon used by Texas lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and clerks. Unlike a typical Texas legal glossary, this glossary talks about these terms conversationally and with a central Texas emphasis. You may find our newly-minted Texas Lawyer Glossary useful as you read the documents associated with your case. We strongly recommend you read any article that describes the charge in your case.

Texas law is no more or less complicated linguistically than the law in the other 49 states, but certainly it is no stranger to offputting acronyms and Latin phrases. Wikipedia actually lists 500 pages of words in its “legal terms” category. Our modest Texas Lawyer Glossary only focuses on the terms we think you might find immediately useful. For a more comprehensive legal glossary, please visit Nolo’s Free Dictionary of Law Terms and Legal Definitions.

If you have any questions on these articles — or better yet, would like to suggest a term for the Texas Lawyer Glossary — please feel free to contact us anytime.

Texas Lawyer Glossary Terms: