Austin Criminal Attorney

austin-criminal-attorneyAn Austin Criminal Attorney Defends The Accused

“Criminal attorney” is another term for a criminal defense attorney or defense attorney. These are like the attorneys you see on TV and in movies who collect evidence, study the law, and interview witnesses and defendants to counter the arguments of a prosecution… except that their actions affect real people, sometimes for a lifetime. A criminal attorney’s duty is to defend the accused from charges of criminal conduct.

A criminal attorney who works for the state of Texas, Travis County, or the U.S. government to defend people who can’t afford to choose a qualified private criminal attorney is known as a “public defender.”

Ordinary people are arrested or accused of crimes every day. It’s the job of the criminal attorney to make sure their rights are respected and that they receive fair and equal representation under the law.

What’s a Criminal Attorney Do?

Some of the common activities of an Austin criminal attorney:

  • Help you to put your best foot forward in police interviews
  • Keep informed about changes in case loads, judicial perogatives, Travis County jail populations, and other factors in the local legal environment
  • Represent you in all phases of your case: arrest, criminal investigation, settlement or trial, charging and sentencing, appeals if necessary, and post-trial.
  • Present relevant evidence to law enforcement to strengthen your case or get it dismissed before it comes to trial
  • Investigate your case to unearth evidence and testimony that can help your case
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of local, state, and national law that governs your case
  • Understand the personalities and tendencies of the judge, prosecutors, and district attorney personnel who can affect your fate
  • Press for reduction of charges if relevant, especially when a reduction will change the charge from a felony (permanent criminal record) to a misdemeanor
  • Observe the ebb and flow of a case and know when to press for dismissal, settlement, or trial

Do You Need an Austin Criminal Attorney?

In this do-it-yourself era, many people accused of crimes are tempted to defend themselves, from something as simple as theft to something as daunting as assault. Many people also quickly find themselves out of their depth, confused by court procedure and thousands on thousands of pages of legal precedent.

If you are thinking of defending yourself on a criminal charge, or of having a public defender handle your case, make sure you are familiar with the duties of a criminal attorney first…! A mistake in the courthouse could have lifelong consequences.

We recommend you contact our law office for free advice before making your decision…!