Law Office of James Gill Honors Veterans

Our local Austin law firm understands the sacrifice that our nation’s veterans have made. Our veterans risk not only their lives but in many cases their mental health as well.   The  hardships our veterans face are numerous. The Law Office of James Gill looks to help veterans in any way possible, and so we are nowContinue reading “Law Office of James Gill Honors Veterans”

Is Poor Lab Work Going to Cost a Man His Life?

On Wednesday, in the state’s most superior criminal court, a closer look into Areli Escobar’s case was ordered. Escobar was convicted and sentenced to death in the 2009 sexual assault and stabbing of his neighbor, a young 17-year-old high school student. Nearly a decade later, Escobar’s defense lawyer is calling for a reconsideration of theContinue reading “Is Poor Lab Work Going to Cost a Man His Life?”

Austin Lawyer Adam Reposa Sentenced to Six Months

One of great things about our country is that every person is guaranteed a right to a fair and just trial. Is this the direction that our current court system is going in? Is putting lawyers in jail for contempt of court the correct way to go about this?