Jeff Sessions on Marijuana: Taking Billions From Americans

Attorney general Jeff Sessions’ anti-marijuana policy is aimed to cripple a multi-billion dollar industry, and will put millions of Americans out of work. The recently renewed war on marijuana is aimed at taking no prisoners, and kicking every American in the industry to the curb. Sessions has placed marijuana on the Schedule I substance list, along with LSD and heroin. If the government truly wants to take aim at the national debt, there would be no better place to start than continuing the expansion of the legal marijuana industry. However, Jeff Sessions is looking to roll back previous policy, which effectively eliminate jobs estimated to reach over 1.1 million in the next decade.

austin-marijuana-jeff-sessions-300x300Along with this, enforcing stricter rules and regulations on marijuana will only hurt everyday citizens. It will result in more arrests and penalties, which ultimately hurt people and their loved ones. Instead of a flourishing $132 billion dollar industry, Jeff Sessions would rather see Americans in debt and imprisoned. Sessions also is ignoring public opinion, in several states, citizens illustrated that they would much rather have more relaxed recreational marijuana laws. Jeff Sessions is acting as a counter influence to what the American people want. Those who are placed in positions as he is should want to help everyday Americans, not harm them.