Texas is on the Front Line of the Drug War

Many people have read or heard about the violence in Mexico’s drug war but little is reported about the violence and or effects on American citizens.  Recently, a 16 year old girl from South Texas was caught with more than 50 pounds of cocaine.  The street value could up to a million dollars depending on how pure it was and how many times it would be cut up before resale.   So how does this happen?   Many scenarios exist but probably something as simple as she knew a guy who sold cocaine in South Texas and he said she could make some “easy money” if she wanted to.

What happens to this girl now?  One of the reasons our countries war on drugs is a complete failure can be summed up by the absurdity of the prosecutor in charge of her case.  He wants to make an example out of her behavior by sentencing her to prison for up to 40 years!