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If you have been arrested in Travis County for DWi, you are not alone. 

Each year thousands of people are arrested for DWIs in Travis County. In fact, Travis County has the highest arrest for DWI per capita in the state!   

Why is Travis County the leader in DWI arrests?  One prominent theory has led to accusations that the county is “farming the poor” for badly needed revenue.

Having an experienced DWI Lawyer in Austin is no longer just a luxury – it has become imperative for protecting yourself. Excellent DWI lawyers live all over the state, but you will need a local Austin attorney.  

Advantages of Having a Local Austin DWI Lawyer

The advantages of having a local Austin DWI Lawyer should not be discounted. Local based attorneys will know the prosecutors and judges better and will have an understanding of local politics that attorneys from other counties will not. 

DWI Convictions in Travis County are Expensive

DWIs in Texas can be the most expensive in the nation, most costing between $7,000 and $10,000 each. While every case is different if you don’t have an excellent Austin DWI Lawyer you will be subjecting yourself to unwanted liability. Counties collect up to $6,500 of that revenue from fees, surcharges and probation charges. With Travis County issuing more DWI arrests per population than any other county in Texas, the budget reflects such profits.

The more DWI Arrests in Travis County the more money the county makes. Understanding this is something a good Austin DWI Lawyer uses to his advantage. To better understand where the money goes consider these facts: If you are placed on probation for either a first or second offense (fairly common in Travis County), you will pay a monthly probation fee, a fine & court costs that are prorated over your probation term. 

Money that goes into the county budget includes probation fees of $60 per month for a maximum of two years, up to $2,000 in fines, and a Texas surcharge of $1,000 per year for three years or $1500 a year if your case is a second offense or your have a breath or blood test over .15. The surcharge, instituted by the Department of Public Safety in 2005, was originally supposed to fund hospital emergency rooms in respective counties. However since the recession, the money collected from such surcharges goes into general funding.  Talk about a conflict of interest!   

While most will agree that DWI is a preventable crime and one which people should not commit, juries don’t like the idea of the Police Departments making unneeded DWI arrests. An experienced Austin DWI lawyer will point out the financial incentives to the county.

Hire the Best Austin DWI Defense – Criminal Lawyer James Gill

Remember if you are accused of DWI in Travis County you will need an experienced Austin DWI Lawyer. 

Austin DWI lawyer James Gill stands up for his clients and fights for the best possible outcome. With hundreds of cases successfully negotiated to dismissal and multiple not guilty verdicts on DWI charges, you can be sure you’re contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney who is serious about getting the best results.

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