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Do you want an Austin attorney who will fight for your rights? Being arrested for a DWI or accused of a crime can be one of the most overwhelming experiences. Hire someone that you can trust — someone who likes to win.

Judges, local leaders, and politicians seek out top-rated Austin criminal defense attorney James R. Gill for his concise and accurate knowledge of all levels of court proceedings. His solid collaboration, preparation, investigation, and relationship-building skills enable James to succeed case after case.

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Attorney Biography

James R. Gill was born and raised in South Texas. James attended Southwestern University on an scholastic/athletic scholarship. James has always been a team leader and playing collegiate soccer furthered his leadership skills and desire to win. After consideration, James transferred to the University of Texas where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts majoring in government. He continued his post undergraduate work at South Texas College of Law and The University of Texas. He has also studied at two internationally renowned law schools: the University of Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand, and the University of Malta.

After completing his J.D. at the University of Texas in 2003, James worked for the civil litigation firm of Kuntz & Miller in Houston, Texas. Not one for sitting behind a desk, James desired more. He relocated back to Austin, Texas where he diligently worked to build his practice. James has a rare drive and ambition that has led him to success. James R. Gill is a well-respected criminal defense lawyer in Austin. James’ great networking skills and passion to help others keep him actively involved in his community.

Undergraduate Education

  • Southwestern University: Georgetown, Texas 1996-1997
  • University of Texas: Austin, Texas 1998-2000

Legal Education

  • South Texas College of Law: Houston, Texas 2000-2003
  • University of Texas Law: Austin, Texas 2003

Overseas Legal Education

  • Victoria University of Wellington: New Zealand – 2001
  • University of Malta: Malta – 2003

Continuing Education

  • 10/21/05 Trial Strategy Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • 10/28/05 Developing Trial Theme
  • 1/12/07 Trial Tactics Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • 1/26/07 Defense Trial Tactics to Win a DWI
  • 1/23/07 Breath Test Case: The Center for American and International Law
  • 2/02/07 Case Preparation Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Professional Memberships

  • James’ Profile at Martindale-Hubbard
  • ACDLA – Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • TCDLA – Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • YMBL- Young Men’s Business League